Custom Photo Books Production

Every photo book is fully assembled and made exclusively by hand, packed in a gift box with satin ribbon. Materials and book cover design can be chosen to the individual preferences of the client. Additionally the cover can be embossed with the family name, date of the photo shooting or any other memorable info. Such book is not just another photo album, yet a true family heirloom that preserves warm memories of your nearest and dearest.

Photo book production, with gift box, size 25×25 cm,

up to 10 spreads of images, around 25 pictures

25 000 RUB

Photo book production without gift box, size 15×15 cm,

up to 10 spreads of images, around 20 pictures

15 000 RUB

*part payment is applicable
*the books are brought to the photo shooting, the format can be chosen right away
*with larger number of images the price can be subject to change