We live in exciting times. Life changes in an instant and the ways we record every moment in time has advanced significantly. Our smartphones, laptops and digital devices have allowed us to keep pace with these changes, while Facebook and Instagram match this fast pace through up-to-the-minute sharing with our friends, family and complete strangers.

What is the best way to preserve our memories? How can we create a story of our life that documents the most precious moments in one place? As digital images are replacing classic printed album photographs, I long for the feeling of holding the pages of a family album in my hands and witnessing the great stories these pictures tell. All of the priceless moments in life may be stored in a printed album: a dream wedding day, travel and adventures in faraway places, a child’s first steps, family gatherings, and even wild party nights with friends. These images are reminders of the impressions we felt and the emotions we experienced.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always tried to use film to capture the most important moments in life. When I was a child, my parents and friends were the main characters in the pictures I took with my father’s classic Zenith camera.

As I grew older, my professional life took me in exciting directions. I studied law at university and became director of public relations within a large marketing agency as I started to build a career and family of my own. Nevertheless, throughout all of these years I’ve always managed to make time for my favorite childhood hobby. Step-by-step this interest grew from a passionate hobby to a fulfilling job and a new professional achievement. The numerous photo shoots I organized during my years in marketing—everything from advertising catalogues to entire campaigns—proved extremely valuable. The experience I built over the years continues to help me in my personal photography work. When I need to prepare, plan and execute a fashion photo shoot, every single detail matters. I’m thankful that I have the experience to deliver.

Currently, I specialize in studio shooting, portrait photography and fashion photography. I travel extensively and always keep my eyes open for new ways of telling stories through photographs. That’s why I love having requests for photo shoots in beautiful locations throughout the world. Every trip provides new inspiration for my artistic projects.

People are the ultimate element in my work. Every minor detail is significant when making a photo portrait: pose and posture, make-up, background and scenery, angle and direction of light. These are the little pieces that create the perfect shot that everyone hopes for. The mood of the person in the lens is also paramount—his or her inner condition and the beautiful self-disclosure that appears on film.

That’s why—above all of the professional qualities—a good photographer should be a talented student of human behavior and feelings. A photographer must have a sense of humor and the ability to set a relaxed vibe and proper atmosphere on set. I’ll admit it’s quite a challenge. Particularly, when working with children. If you ask a child to pose, it’s often more likely that you’re going to end up with a playful face in the picture that reflects their nervousness more than their inner character. But once you are able to turn the entire process into a cheerful game so the child is more relaxed and easily distracted, you’ll be sure to witness an amazing result—a bright and lively portrait that captures the emotion of life.

Last year I opened a photo studio in St. Petersburg, where I can work on my creative ideas and develop photography skills. The studio is well equipped for any type of professional photo shoot, including lighting and camera equipment, as well as inspirational catalogues, lookbooks, advertising photography and much more.

Additionally, this year I’ve launched production for custom-made photo books. The idea came when I tried unsuccessfully to make beautiful photo album for my children—there were simply no specialists in St. Petersburg and so I started looking abroad. Luckily I found three incomparably professional teams in New York, London and Helsinki that can deliver the best service and proper quality. Professionals execute design and layout, and every photo book is made and sewn by skilled hands. Materials are selected together with the client. Such brilliant work pays off with a result that’s second-to-none.

The final result is not just another photo album, but a true heirloom to be kept in the family for ages. In the fast-paced world in which we live, this book is a special gift for treasured friends and family to preserve warm memories about your nearest and dearest for all time.